Doctor Who

Do you know those moments? I know you know those moments. The ones where your hero worship is tossed cruelly to the side by reality.

This is not one of those moments.

Or perhaps it is? Only time can tell.

Tonight I met the next doctor. The real Next Doctor. As in Who. Doctor Who.

Perhaps it should be a hero-tossing moment. Would my Doctor be caught club scrounging in Camden? Surely he'd be cool enough to blag his way into a cooler dive (circa 1963!).

That doesn't matter. This Doctor had other important Doctor qualities: a seemingly unending fascination with the possibilities of real life..., instant likeability, a certain amount of instant trust, and a REAL fast-talker.

I had to keep it short though, cause I didn't want to influence my future Doctor Who viewing. It was cool!

Only time will tell how the Doctor fares :) I'm sure it'll be alright.Tags: ,

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2 Responses to “ Doctor Who ”

  1. How the hell does this stuff happen to you? Forgot to ask you about it last night. What did he smell like?

  2. he smelt of timelord. seriously.

    i dont know how these things happen to me!


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