Short Story Book Club: "A Tiny Feast"

Hello hello hello, welcome to the inaugural edition of Short Story Book Club!

This week's tall tale (short tale?) is of Titania and Oberon, caught in a moment of crisis. The New Yorker originally published it, which is surprising, but to be fair they have slowly moved into more and more 'genre' fiction. (I think about 10 stories last year were pure science fiction/fantasy).

But without further ado, the story is here:

Come back here and tell me your favorite lines, least favorite lines, what worked and what didn't, and then I'll publish a roundup post before next week's Short Story Club. Any recommendations for future stories are also welcome!

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4 Responses to “ Short Story Book Club: "A Tiny Feast" ”

  1. omg i love this story! i love the mix of the fantastic and the mundane, esp. in the hospital setting. so unique! and i also love the way the author uses normally indifferent immortals to express the very mortal, very human emotions, the rage, the anger, the grief, that come from watching someone you love die. brilliant!

    my only complaint would be that the story ends too abruptly. i know the author intentionally did this to show the confusion and feeling of "what happens next?" that follows a real death. but this isn't a real death. it's a fictional one, and fictional people are allowed a little more resolution than real people are. i'm not saying the author had to wrap everything up in a bow. i'm just saying he could have added a bit more, just a paragraph or two, to the last scene to make the end feel a little less sudden.

    but still, overall, it was a fantastic story. thanks for posting it!

  2. My pleasure, I really loved it! I see what you mean about the sudden ending, but at the end of the day it's Titania and Oberon we're talking about, and while it's perfectly possibly they could be this moved during one episode of their lives, it's easy to imagine them moving on very quickly afterwards.

    Oberon and his 'mighty buttocks.' I loved that line.

  3. true, true.

    and ha! you would love the "might buttocks" line :P


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