The #1 Beneficiary from Wikileaks

The Guardian!

The British newspaper has won back a lot of respect as it seems to be the only mainstream English publication in the world that is publishing every single one of the Wikileaks revelations, as well as covering the accusations against Assange separately and objectively. Michael Moore may have launched a bit of a crusade against the Guardian because of this, as such coverage does not fit his myopic view that journalists cannot also be rapists, but that can only be a mark in the Guardian's favor.

All the other media are running around chasing their tails, trying to argue that Wikileaks doesn't follow good journalistic protocol (whatever that is). Mainly, they're pissed off they didn't get there first. Just think if Bob Woodward had been asking hard questions with his top level access to the White House instead of writing puff pieces about how cuddly our politicians are.

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