Books Challenges 2011

Yes! Challenges for 2011! I did not know this was a thing that people did online until I read Laura Miller's wonderful post.

And you guys know me; I've never met a swimming pool I haven't jumped into headfirst.
So here are my first ambitious ambitions for 2011. I'll be adding more with time, and I hope you all play along. As time goes by, this post will keep track and link to all reviews on the books in question.

Chunksters are books 450 pages or longer. There are multiple levels on this challenge, and I'm so tempted to go for the gold, but i'll be good. I'll do the Plump Primer, which commits me to six books 450 pages or longer.

As for this lovely challenge, I'm opting for the Struggling the Addiction level, which commits me to 10 works of historical fiction this year.

1. Patti Smith - Just Kids (yes, it counts. It's 70's punk history).
2. Cassandra Clare - Clockwork Angel


100+ Books Challenge! Just what it says on the tin.
1. Junot Diaz - Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
2. Patti Smith - Just Kids
3. Phonogram (Graphic Novel)
5. Cassandra Clare - Clockwork Angel

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4 Responses to “ Books Challenges 2011 ”

  1. Somehing in me balks at the thought of describing such masterpieces as (for example) Crime and Punishment or Lord of the Rings as 'chunksters':-)

    It sounds like something the bullies shout across the playground rather than a category of book!

  2. Actually I think I've realised why this confused me so much, it's because I read mostly Sci Fi and a high proportion of it (it seems to me) is pretty long. So if I read only 10 books in a year at least half would be that long I'd think.

    On that note though, what you should read is Anathem by Neal Stephenson. Or some other book of his, because they're blatantly all at least 450 pages.

  3. To be honest, 450 is pretty easy for me as well! But I'm gonna do it in combination with other challenges that I'm going to be adding to this page later today, and those other challenges will be harder.

    I read Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook last year, and that should count for like 5 Chunksters. Wolf Hall was worth three (this is not the way the game is played but oh well!)

    (I do think it's vaguely hilarious that they're called "Chunksters"

  4. 100 books in a year...that's the tough one on the list... good luck!

    -- Peter


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