On the State of My Union



It's no secret to longterm followers of this blog (and longterm followers of me) that I am not a great communicator about the details of my personal life.

Thus, it may surprise some of you to learn that I'm engaged! And also I'm getting married next weekend!

I say this not to excuse the infrequency of my recent postings, but to explain.

You know everything they say about how the process of getting married can be a stress-filled hell? All true. From what I've observed in other, older couples, I find it entirely plausible that the experience of having a million people demand a million different things might be a ploy to get you to believe that, hey, if you can do this, you can do anything...including raise a child. (Let me state, on the record, that I am still not convinced).

But it's all in the service of a greater good; a group of people come together and put aside long held personal desires and unstated dreams to attempt to create a perfect union of the sort they wish they had. I am privileged to be able to marry someone I love, and I know loves me. It's amazing, the level of stress that such fairytale engineering can bear.

So it's all good. And even when it's tension-making, ball-breaking, or heart-aching, you know that it's rooted in the best of intentions. And which explains why, when you finally have an hour or two to yourself, you don't want to think about ANYTHING critically, or even ponderously, that is not related to the upcoming event and its fluttering satellites.

And that is why I have not been posting often, and why I've only been posting on Sandman (I'd half written most of the posts, so it's mainly editing that awaits!).

I will do my best to get the content rolling soon, but I can promise a number of fun things starting in mid-June, when things (hopefully) settle down again:


  • "Too Much, Very Late" re-blogs! (I am currently planning to re-blog The Wire once Sandman is finished. I welcome any other suggestions as to in-depth blogging of completed series, whether television, novels, or comics! Twin Peaks will probably feature at some point...)


  • In-depth is the watchword.
  • Outpourings of irrational love will probably feature.
  • Close reads of favorite poems/paragraphs. Is that too boring?


  • A very long post, and possibly series, about why the American media completely misunderstands the work of Ayn Rand (and I'm saying this as a dyed in the wool liberal).
  • More on the state of feminism.
  • A series on understanding the abortion issue as the whatever-wave feminist that I am. (I promise that the conclusions will not be what you think).


  • Top 10 Features!


  • So I'm told, by numerous friends, and by a number of beloved sites about how to build website followers, that readers relate better when there are personal anecdotes. I know it seems antithetical that a loquacious web-izen could actually be a private person, but there you have it. And I'm willing to change (new phase, new beginnings, and all that jazz!)
  • Totally misguided musings about other cultures; travel broadens the mind, apparently, and I want to document that.

And of course I am open to suggestions! I appreciate the recent influx of followers thanks to the Sandman re-blogs, and hope you guys stick around and even participate in whatever random nerdiness follows.

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One Response to “ On the State of My Union ”

  1. Can't wait for the wedding! Gonna be awesome! :D

    - Peter


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