Music Video Cuteness Wars: Jon Hamm v. Kristen Bell



Last fall Yeasayer released the rather marvellous video for "Madder Red." And now Herman Dune takes Yeasayer's horrible moppet and raises it a cute blue yeti and Don Draper! If this be a new music video trend, I accept! So let's look at our two challengers:

In the Southern corner we have Jon Hamm, driving around Austin with a rather adorable young date:

Herman Dune - Tell Me Something I Don't Know (official video, long version) from City Slang on Vimeo.


And in the Northern corner we have Kristen Bell, acting her heart out in defense of a horrific monsterpet:

Now I know which side I stand on in this particular war (though I occasionally vacillate due to ____ _____'s _____), but this is an opportunity to hear from you, dear reader! Which video do you prefer and why? Come back tomorrow for the results.


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