Breakfast Round-Up: Weekend Reading


And a lovely Monday to you!

We begin with a lovely mix of the wonderful, the erudite and the vaguely horrifying. Just the distraction we all need to get through the Monday blahs.

What happens if Greece defaults?

Blogger-Feud: INSIDE JOB

  • Point: Ezra Klein, whose appeal to the MSM continues to baffle me, shares his thoughts on Inside Job. Apart from being grossly nonsensical, his basic thesis is that "lots of good people did bad things, therefore no one could have predicted the crisis, and therefore no one should be held accountable."
  • Counterpoint: Economics activist Yves Smith responds brilliant and harshly with a takedown of the entire Ezra Klein oeuvre.


Life Detectors for Coffins (just what it says on the tin! Old patents for strange devices to detect movement in coffins)

Courtesy of Film Experience, Mia Farrow auditions for The Sound of Music! Though what would we all do without the exceedingly camp performance of Charmian Carr? ("TOOOO RIIIIIIIDE ONNNNNNN")



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