Katy Perry's New Music Video


I was going to set the tone for the blog redesign with something serious and ponderous, but then I saw Katy Perry's new video and it was all over.


Why is Kenny G in this?

And DEBBIE GIBSON? (which reminds me, I need to see Dinosaur vs. Sharktopus)

And COREY FELDMAN? (I thought he was dead, but turns out that's the other Corey!)

And HANSON?!? Like, seriously, HANSON?!?

This is the most ridiculous video in the history of music videos, and I love it.

Not to mention how Katy Perry runs through the John Hughes geek characters, for which I give massive respect.

Song sucks, as you would expect, but that's totally irrelevant in this case :).


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2 Responses to “ Katy Perry's New Music Video ”

  1. Katy Perry loves Hanson.

    Who doesn't love Hanson?

  2. Lol. I have tried to find the legendary SNL sketch of two people who definitely DO NOT love Hanson: Will Ferrell and Helen Hunt.


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