Hot Movie Trailer: Underworld Awakening


Yeah, yeah, I know all the serious, quality films are finally coming out, after what has probably been the worst year for movies since I've been borne. Usually there are at least a couple of decent action movies to tide me over until Oscar-mania begins, but no. We've had Bridesmaids, and that's it (though to be fair, the awesomeness of Bridesmaids makes up for about 3 bad/mediocre movies).

So before The Oncoming Hope turns to all things serious and worthy, I must bring you a trailer for a movie I have an irrationally strong desire to see - Underworld: Awakening. The fourth film in the franchise, it's brought back Kate Beckinsale (hooray!). But like the trailer, I have one question: where is Michael?

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One Response to “ Hot Movie Trailer: Underworld Awakening ”

  1. Kate being back is why I want to see this, for sure.


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