The Good Wife: Season 3 Premiere


Disclaimer: I need to state up-front that while I intend to cover The Good Wife as regularly as possible, I probably won't spend too much time on the cases of the week (even though 2 previous cases have come to life in truly horrible ways. #IAmTroyDavis). I'm working hard to find ways to write about television that aren't recaps, as there are hundreds of those available on the internet. So here is my disclaimer for all television discussion henceforth: I assume you have seen the shows in question. For those of you who need an intro to the show, see my earlier post here:


It's a new season, and once again you'll find me writing about sex. While all the CBS promotion has seemed vaguely lurid, at least they weren't lying. Sex is in this show's DNA, and as always, I'm amazed at what this show can get past the censors. We'll talk more on this in a bit.

Female Friendships

The writers seem to have swapped Alicia-Kalinda for Kalinda-Sophia. They seem like much better foils for each other than Blake-Kalinda, and I like the idea of an intense professional rivalry juxtaposed with genuine affection and respect. The conflicts and challenging nature of female friendship has always been an important part of this show, and I'm glad they've found a way to work it in even though Alicia and Kalinda won't make up anytime soon (I don't think).

Of course, this won't last, as Kelli Giddish has been cast as the new lead on Law and Order: SVU. Oh well. One day, maybe the Kings can spin them off and they can go around beating people up together.

Wife vs. Husband

It's a tale as old as time, but I can't think if it's actually been told since Zeus vs. Hera. Come to think of it, Peter Florrick has more than a few things in common with Zeus.

We've seen dramatic conflict between ex-spouses a million times before, but I'm not sure we've seen it taking place in a professional arena. There's an extra layer of potential nastiness given how driven both Peter and Alicia are, and it will be interesting to see how they balance between parental civility and the animosity that drives their personal and professional interactions.

The web becomes ever more tangled, as the professional triangle between Alicia-Eli-Peter solidifies and becomes even more fraught with conflicts of interest.

"Diane thinks I'm going too hard on you."

It was only after I finished (ahem...Alicia finished...) that I thought...where the hell did that scene happen? For you, dear readers, I shall revisit that scene.

...ten minutes later...

I have no answers for you. But we know they're in Will's apartment, so why are they clothed? (This may be my least favorite tv trope.)

That said, this is easily the most torrid scene on network tv since the season 2 premiere of The Good Wife, and once again, we don't see anything below the shoulders. Somehow, this is still a hell of a lot sexier than the Showtime/HBO approach of Look! Boobs! Aren't we adult? I remember thinking when I was watching Game of Thrones that the sex scenes were bordering on comical, making them doubly extraneous.

(Please don't try to tell me that the sex scenes advance the story in Game of Thrones. The writers threw exposition into those scenes so they could distract us from lame infodumps with boobies.)

But I digress.

In Conclusion

It looks like the show is going to become a lot more political (if such things are actually possible). Bringing Eli into the firm as a "political consultant" is a genius move, and will allow the cases to take a much broader scope.

I'm very much looking forward to Eddie Izzard next week!

Favorite Detail:

  • Love how the bailiff rolls her eyes everytime the judge goes on about how he used to get into streetfights. We're raised to treat judges with the utmost respect, but of course many of them are repetitive blowhards in their personal lives.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Any other favorite moments?

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8 Responses to “ The Good Wife: Season 3 Premiere ”

  1. I can't believe you didn't mention the youtube famous tutor girl! I have
    no idea where that's going but knowing this show something will come of

  2. lol. the first half of that scene i had NO IDEA what was going on, but the second half I was laughing my ass off.
    I sort of thought it's the continuing adventures of Grace's incredibly bad judgment.

  3. Yeah, I guess it is maybe just a sideshow. An utterly hilarious sideshow, of course! But things with the kids often seem to echo/get mixed up in the political and other stuff along the way. And this show does have a LOT of youtube based plot elements in its past.

  4. So true! The kids do absolutely get embroiled in their parents political struggles (which is why I was glad to hear that Zach was still with Nisa after that racist business last year).
    Even if it is just a sideshow, I find the Incredibly Mind-Boggling Grown Up Adventures of Grace to be a wonderful show in its own right.
    Also, check your email.

  5. I have to say...that was one helleva scene last night between Will and Alicia!!!!! SEXY!!!

  6. I'm not sure what the confusion is regarding Diane saying Will is being hard on her. Did you miss the two scenes where Will was borderline vicious to Alicia in Diane's office and the looks Diane was giving him? (The 'We?' scene and the scene where Diane accuses Will of holding something against Alicia). That's what he was referring to when he says Diane thinks I'm going too hard on you. Basically he's teasingly asking her if she thinks he's a mean old boss because of her workload and because of the way they agreed to handle their relationship in the office (him being overly brusque so no one will suspect which isn't working at all) but he's also asking if she has complaints about how he's pleasuring her. Double meanings up the wazoo. I thought the scene was perfectly clear...

  7. or maybe the confusion was where exactly they are having sex? They are in the entrance hallway of Will's apartment. The actors aparently said that when they were live tweeting during the premiere...

  8. I was only confused where they were having sex :) I know they're in Will's apartment, bc he says he can hear his neighbors. But thanks for clarifying exactly where they were! Unfortunately, I can only watch The Good Wife on tape (to my eternal sadness!)


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