Life Lessons from Parks and Recreation


We're back at last! And not a moment too soon. I thought I was going to melt in the face of so much terrible summer television. Let's kick things off with five important lessons from the season 4 premiere of Parks and Recreation.

1. You can't run away from your problems...especially if you have only nine toes.


2. L-Shaped chocolate eclairs lead to insta-sex.


3. Always keep a bag of provisions stashed away in a ventilation shaft in case terrifying ex-wives return.


4. "Anne, you beautiful naive sophisticated new-born baby."


5. You don't need to find Patricia Clarkson, she'll find you.


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2 Responses to “ Life Lessons from Parks and Recreation ”

  1. Bearded Ron was pure magic and Leslie's dilemma dealt with as elegantly as would be expected from a writing staff so expert at handling character. Patricia Clarkson's cameo had more personality and detail than most series' lead characters, while Ann Perkins' introduction to government life got great work from Rashida Jones and some perfectly timed buzzing from her phone.

    Wonderful series, I hope you'll be covering it as extensively in the future as you do Doctor Who.

    Here's my review (along with Community and Archer):

  2. I agree with everything you said (unsurprisingly!)

    I will do my best to cover it in futre, but it's hard with this show. There are so many episodes where I could just list awesome things :) I bet that once things kick off it will be easier to be analytical :)

    Looking fw to your review!


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