Un-Rigorous Comment Policy, aka, I'm the Queen of the Castle, You're the Dirty Rascal


I've probably given the more uncouth elements of the internet more consideration than they deserve, but as they say, beliefs don't count unless you still believe them when you're tested.

While I know that I am effectively the queen of my Oncoming Hope castle, I can't be persuaded to use my power to deny the citizens their rights, not without reason.

So I will never pre-moderate posts.

You know why? I've learned that some of the most antagonistic posts come from people who are genuinely looking for someone to hear them. It's amazing how civil some trolls are once you respond to them in an even-handed tone.

I also respect the self-policing nature of the internet. On more than one occasion, other commenters have stepped up in polite, even-handed ways to inform the rude of their rudeness (seriously, thanks).


I will say, right now, that unless you're sending me to a discount shoe store, I fully encourage leaving links to your own site in the comments. I've seen many bloggers righteously defend their right to not let people share links in the comments, and each time I wonder, "do you understand how the Internet works?"

The Internet is an ecosystem that can only grow and evolve when there is a free exchange of information. Necessarily, that information exchange should not be centered on one hub, otherwise you confer too much power on the owner of that hub. The Internet is meant to be democratic, and banning links is profoundly undemocratic.



So while I will allow people to say almost anything in the comments, there are a few things I will not tolerate. Feel free to challenge me in the comments to these posts if you have an issue, and I will leave it up in this space only.

1. You can be as rude to me as you want, but if you're ever rude to another commenter, delete.

2. If you make any gender-based comments that aren't in jest, delete.

3. Corollary to #2: misrepresent feminists in any shape or form, delete.

4. Actually, that thing that goes for gender? It goes for race too.

5. If you tell me to "stop overthinking, you should just enjoy it," delete. You clearly do not know what I am about, or what this site is about. You clearly also despise thought, and are one of those horrible people who think that being educated is being "elitist". Delete.

(seriously, I got a comment on a book review once that said: "Well, I LOVED the book. I didn't read too much into it, and I thought it was fun. How DARE you read into it beyond what the author wrote.")

Also known as, DELETE!


In politeness and fairness, many contributed to my thoughts, and I thank them for weighing in. So here you go:

Follow @drfidelius, who linked me to the best comment policy yet.

Follow @NickMiners and check out his gorgeous rock photography.

Follow @xandermarkham and read his blog. He has wonderful things like Doctor Who commentary and "words of the week."

Follow @kellimarshall, who writes wonderful things about cinema, and who's running a lovely website of her own.

Follow Mark at Atomic Anxiety. I wish I could be as insightful as him about Who, old and new.

You are probably already be following @AlyssaRosenberg, but I will remind you anyway, and you should be reading her page at Think Progress.

Follow @theavclub at their website, because really, who gives more reliably insightful television commentary?

Follow @bookish_belle, who has wonderful things to say about books both old and new.

And last, but certainly not least, to @michelleerin, who also writes about a heady mix of old and new books, and audiobooks too!

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5 Responses to “ Un-Rigorous Comment Policy, aka, I'm the Queen of the Castle, You're the Dirty Rascal ”

  1. Belle @ Belle's Bookshelf28 September 2011 at 06:07

    Love your comment policy! Very fair, even though, as you say, you're the Queen of the Castle so you totally don't have to be :) Love the illo, too.
    And thanks for the lovely shout out!

  2. Really appreciate the link and great header too! I would suggest putting this among the tags at the top of your page, so it doesn't disappear once you've published a few more posts.

    Good set of rules, although for me personally, 2 and 5 are going a little close to restraining opinion rather than just getting rid of trolls. For example, even though I can't imagine why it would get brought up here, there are aspects of feminism I'm not fond of. (Namely: Harriet Harman!). I would hope that doesn't make me ban-worthy, but to each their own, of course!

  3. I was nodding my head in agreement until I got to your "Rules" section, which pretty much undermines everything that was said above it.  The result is basically "You can say anything you want....unless it's about something that is important to me and I don't like it."  I'm not saying that is wrong; it is your blog after all and you can have whatever policy you want.  It was just a little startling after having read the first sections, which were so open.  Personally, I would be far more likely to discourage attack posts than anything else.  As it stands I have only removed a few spam posts from my blog.  I've been lucky and have not received any really rude posts yet.

  4. Thanks Xander!

    I think the rule of thumb is that you can critique those positions as long as you don't insult them off the bat. I too am not a fan of "harriet harman feminism".
    But you're right, to each their own, and under that banner, that's when I get to pretend I'm a Supreme Court Justice :)

  5. Chip,

    As I have yet to encounter the type of posts I have yet to delete, I still hold out hope that I won't have to.
    I was trying to identify the rules under which i might be angry enough to delete, i suppose.


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