Happy Birthday To Me: Arrested Development Returns!

As you are doubtless aware by this point, Mitch Hurwitz and the gang announced that not only are they planning an Arrested Development movie, but a 9/10 episode series to build up to the film.

I have no doubt that in the run up I will be writing about Arrested quite a bit, but any serious thoughts will have to wait until I'm finished doing this:






What an October 2nd. What an early birthday present. I was deep in the throes of Pauline Kael's legendary tale of Citizen Kane, when @hadleyfreeman live-tweeted the news from the New Yorker Festival. Soon after, we got confirmation from the Bluths's mouths.



I know the actual logistics such as network and airdates haven't been announced, but I have no doubt it will happen. Even if Fox doesn't take it, NBC will. NBC is desperate, after all. And the ratings that AD was cancelled with are much higher than any of their current properties.

The best part? I can rewatch the series (again) with intent, not just nostalgia/sadness. Now excuse me while I enjoy some honey. Which came from...BEES!


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