Same Song, Different Version: Madonna's "Bedtime Story" vs. Bjork's "Sweet Intuition"


One of Madonna's most distinctive songs, "Bedtime Story" was actually written by Bjork (shocker, right?). Bjork had declined the opportunity to co-write a song with Madonna, but did agree to write a song for her. The lyrics are actually a subtle critique of Madonna's own aesthetic, but Madonna kept it as it was. She then retaliated in the video for "Human Nature," casting a Bjork-alike and spanking her to death.

Bjork proceeded to rewrite the song entirely as "Sweet Intuition," keeping only one lyric intact: "And inside we're all wet, longing and yearning." The songs are otherwise so different that they scarcely bear comparison, but that won't stop us from trying. Which is your favorite, and why? I'm leaning towards the Madonna on this one.

Madonna - Bedtime Story by zocomoro

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3 Responses to “ Same Song, Different Version: Madonna's "Bedtime Story" vs. Bjork's "Sweet Intuition" ”

  1. i like madonna
    i love bjork!

  2. medona's betime story real version is more best than diffrent version. bjoks sweet intution is not bad.
    visit this blog for song:

  3. Charles Olivier Wong-Monfette3 July 2015 at 15:40

    Just to mention that Sweet Intuition and Sweet Sweet Intuition are two different songs.


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