Meet the World's Next Tallest Building


Meet Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia, which I imagine will be the setting of many a Roland Emmerich film in the future.

Originally planned to be a mile high, now it's just over one kilometer high. Judging by its pointiest of points, it will serve a secondary purpose of impaling alien spaceships.

Look, its first prey is built into the design!


You can read more about the building here, if you're less interested in alien threats and more interested in mundane details like "architects" or "square meters".

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2 Responses to “ Meet the World's Next Tallest Building ”

  1. That's awesome. In the original article it says the elevators travel at 22mph. I don't know if that's supposed to be impressive, since I have no idea how fast normal building elevators travel. Maybe they're, like, super elevators like the one in Willy Wonka.

  2. lol that would be great. elevator TO THE SKY!


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