Men-Ups!: Men In Female Pin-Up Poses


Photographer Rion Sabean has introduced a calendar of men in stereotypical female pin-up poses. The results are even more hilarious than you might expect.

According to an interview he did with Jezebel, Sabean specifically referred to classic vintage pin-up posters by artists such as Gil Evgren.


There's definitely something to be said for the fact that seeing men in these poses infantilizes them and makes them look completely ridiculous. And yet, somehow, it's fine for women to be seen this way.

Two more favorites (and check out Rion Sabean's whole collection, and buy the damn calendar):


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One Response to “ Men-Ups!: Men In Female Pin-Up Poses ”

  1. Those are funny.  Thanks for sharing.  It's almost always funny when one gender does something stereotypical of the other.  Several commercials make use of this.  I remember one where it showed a bunch of men asking questions like "Do these jeans make my butt look big?" and one where it showed a gorgeous woman waking up in the morning and doing a bunch of "guy things" like scratching her butt, sniffing her armpits, pouring beer on her cereal, etc.  Both were funny.


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