The Good Wife In Review: "Executive Order 13224"

FINALLY! That was easily the best episode of the season, and it was right up there with the magic of season 2. The Good Wife has been humming along nicely, but it's been a little slow on the bringing the element of surprise (which was definitely one of its strengths in the first two seasons).

But once again, we start with a little reminder of how Alicia has changed since the beginning. She no longer has sympathy for the victims. Look at her reaction to Marwad's "moving testimony":

Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 10.13.05 AM.png

It's a far cry from the season 1 days, when Kalinda would yell at her about overidentifying with the clients. Alicia actually becomes more excited by Glenn Childs and his particular brand of douchebaggery:

Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 11.27.39 AM.png

See that face? That's pretty close to Alicia's sexually excited face (enjoy it while it lasts. Alicia's about to go through a beating in this episode. More on that in a minute).

In other news, Blake reminds us that he doesn't even have to appear on screen to make us all sick to our stomachs. Cary may hate LG, but  he hates Blake more (all things considered, shouldn't Peter hate him too? If it weren't for Blake, Alicia would never have found out about Kalinda).

But, in the continuing saga of Peter's REVEEEEEEEENGE, he sicks Cary on Will Gardner and his mysterious $45 grand. As long as this subplot brings back Lemond Bishop, I'll be happy. And Peter's handing the case to Cary lends credence to my theory that Peter's setting Cary up for the fall if this goes pear-shaped (but we love Cary!). And of course, we get this wonderful face-off:


Back at Lock-hard Gardner (if you know what i mean), the penny drops. In the middle of a strategy phone call, Grace, as usual, ruins everything, this time with her stupid ring tone. Kalinda's thinking, "ALICIA! I TOLD YOU TO CHANGE THAT THING IN SEASON ONE!"

Anyway, the latest casualty of Will/Alicia's affair is Diane's digestion. She LITERALLY swallows her gum.



Kalinda, however, is ever the 'shipper. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised Kalinda doesn't do a little leprechaun dance behind Diane. Like this one:


But in seriousness, Kalinda reacts by smacking her notebook against her hand like "At last! I can win back my ladylove by saving her relationship!"

Then Grace, who has no respect for Alicia, her personal troubles, or her professional life, interrupts this parade of incredible awkwardness with a returning plot that no one cares about: Church of Black Jesus! Due to the intense combination of Black Jesus and Grace's stupid ringtone, Alicia spends the rest of the episode in a bit of a daze.

Luckily, there's Carrie Preston, who will break even the most melancholy of us from our funks. All her scenes turned the show into a great screwball comedy.


There's a hilarious mediation scene when Alicia, Elspeth and Bob Balaban take turns to imitate each other, and I was on the floor laughing (as opposed to the Ringtone Scene of Doom, where I was on the floor in embarassment).



I'd ask if we could keep Carrie Preston, but I suspect she's one of those characters who's better in small doses. Though we already know she makes an excellent foil to Eli, who was mysteriously absent this week.

I do wonder if this episode felt stronger because of that? Perhaps, instead of giving Eli his own show within the show, the writers need to integrate him more tightly into the main stories. The case of the week was superb this week, and that has more than a little to do with the fact that the show concentrated on it for the whole episode.

That said, I'm still hoping that we get the superteam of Alicia, Kalinda and Eli, as he requested a few episodes ago.


I really love that Diane's revenge on Will is the most hilarious sexual harassment video ever made. But how stupid of Will to go sit next to Alicia!? INTERROBANG, I SAY! (for more on interrobangs, see here)


-The Alicia vs. Diane of it is making me VERY uncomfortable. While it makes perfect sense that Diane would be very angry, it's strange to see her be so passive aggressive.

-As always, Diane has the best reactions to Will's more bizarre turns of speech. This week, "poking the bear." That's what she said!

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Let me know what you thought about this episode!

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9 Responses to “ The Good Wife In Review: "Executive Order 13224" ”

  1. i kind of understand diane being passive aggressive because she knows it might well be inappropriate to go all out and be like, "you're having an affair", BUT she clearly feels betrayed by will and frustrated by alicia's behaviour (because until now she thought that alicia might end up being a diane for the younger generation, perhaps).


    "swamped with paperwork" .gifs = this show is so good at unacknowledged humour.

    i didn't notice diane swallowing her gum. MAGNIFIQUE.

  2. I do think this was the best episode of the season so far, but there is not nearly enough Kalinda! She was by far one of my favorite characters from the first two seasons and I feel like they are struggling to find things for her to do. Her story with Alicia was integral...and they destroyed them...which is great...but now we're just left hanging.
    And as much as I love Eli - I sorta enjoyed his absence this week. He's a great character to move plot points along and add a little comic relief - I loved him with regard to peter's campaign, but splitting things into his show and everyone else's show just feels a bit disjointed.

  3. batyareads.wordpress.com7 November 2011 at 13:14

    This is a hilarious and totally accurate recap! Though I have to say... Kalinda+Elie Gold is pure magic... has been making the season for me thus far.

  4. Lol I've totally been loving them too. Though I still think the universe may collapse if they actually get together.

  5. I'm missing Kalinda loads as well. I get the feeling she's going to return in a big way soon though, especially as Alicia's about to start losing friends fast, it seems.

  6. That would be great if THAT's what irks Diane, that she's grooming Alicia to replace her (but Alicia can't be that much younger than Diane)?

    She's wayyyy more pissed at Alicia than Will though, which bothers me a little.

  7. I don't understand how they can weave together such a gripping main
    story with the even more important behind the scenes intrigue along with
    parenting and marital issues and a massive dollop of hilarity. The
    final scene is yet another triumph for the mad sound direction person,
    and Will's hands on lap pose is beautiful

    Also loved annoyed
    judge, super ninja lawyer employing the power of fluster, and especially hard man
    pissed off Will Gardner. Nice to know his character isn't going soft. Not that I would ever say to someone 'hey dude, you're soft' like some kind of college insult, I just mean that somehow in all my feeling sorry for Will I had forgotten how much steel he really has.

    Diane is being extremely awkward but I guess she is
    only worried about the firm, and she is almost proved right in this episode. It is interesting to see new lawyer girl you don't like as much really taking Alicia's place in sympathy, plucky client saving and being in favour with Diane.

    Cary is so wonderful, he was my
    favourite character this week, partially of course because he was the
    only (temporary, natch) good guy and it looks like he might even get a
    proper healthy relationship! I really like the 'pissed off lawyer team' as I have now decided to call them. And I am loving the brief reversal of Cary almost being embarrassed by their hardball tactics.

    And you were completely right about how dedicated Peter is to destroying
    Will or Alicia or the firm, I will admit now that I thought maybe you were reading too much into his actions, I had no inkling of quite how single minded he was going to be, but you called it.

  8. i miss Alicia/khalinda friendship and i was pro-will till Alicia started to change,  diane is so losing respect for Alicia

  9. i know right? it's kind of sad how all the female friendships are breaking down.


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