Head-Desk of the Day: National Review FAIL


John Derbyshire, writing in the National Review, begins his latest screed with this wonderful opening line:

Is there anyone who thinks sexual harassment is a real thing?

Yes, the man who's written such wonderful pieces for The Corner as "Did Feminism Kill Nursing" and "What Happened to Hot Stewardesses?" has added sexual harassment denialism to his arsenal of idiocy.

The former has gems such as this:

Nowadays. of course, things have gone much further, on both sides of the Atlantic. You can now take a Ph.D. in nursing — for example at Johns Hopkins University. The average large American hospital has more administrators than had British India. Feminist theory has fixed its clammy grip on the whole nursing enterprise, and the old notion that nurses (mostly female — in Mother's day male nurses were assumed to be homosexual unless they presented convincing evidence to the contrary) were the handmaidens of doctors (mostly male) is Jim Crow to the new generation of nurses. Keeping the patient clean and comfortable has given way to "analyzing and transforming health care data into information that can be used by health care providers to evaluate patient care and economic outcomes," as the Johns Hopkins course brochure puts it.

Learning from empirical data! The horror!

Meanwhile, the latter article defies logic, reason and relevance with this:

Much was made of the hotness of Amanda Knox after four years in an Italian jail; but when the family-reunion pictures appeared, it turned out her sister was even hotter. What are the odds?

John Derbyshire adds fire to a long-standing theory of mine: the worst Republicans are the British ones.

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One Response to “ Head-Desk of the Day: National Review FAIL ”

  1. The worse Republicans are Republicans.
    End of.


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