The Oncoming Hope Goes on Holiday


Well, folks, I'm heading off this afternoon on a long anticipated holiday to Bratislava and Vienna. I hope you don't miss me too much, but I'll certainly miss all of you! I'll be back in full posting form on Monday, but until then, have a great week.

Here are a few blogs I've been reading and loving, so make sure and check them out:

Hello Tailor offers analysis of the role of costume design in film, as well as general discussion of how fashion shapes character.

Lets Get Comical will introduce you to some under-the-radar comics that you might not have found out about otherwise.

Zungu Zungu will keep you apprised of all things Occupy Wall Street, and should not be issed.

Naked Capitalism continues to provide great economic analysis for people like me, i.e., numerically challenged.

There are many other blogs you need to be checking out, but unfortunately, I have a plane to catch! Toodles!


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7 Responses to “ The Oncoming Hope Goes on Holiday ”

  1. I am so envious! I have been traveling a lot, but it hasn't really felt like a proper vacation (and after pulling 8 - 5:30 days in order to get dissertation data, I need one!).

  2. blookblog.wordpress.com9 November 2011 at 08:47

    Enjoy Bratislava! It's tiny but so lovely.

  3. Enjoy the vacation! Let us know how it went - I'm interested in your thoughts on the announced DOCTOR WHO movie, as well! 

  4. Personally, I'm okay with the plans. It's not going to affect or interfere with the TV show, it seems, so hooray if it's good and shrugs if it's bad.

  5. That pretty much sums up my reaction! But just for you, you get a few more paragraphs :)

  6. Thanks! I reeeeeeeeeally enjoyed it.

  7. Oh I remember my dissertation days (hair pulling, screaming, crying, just about sums it up!). Good luck on your project though!


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