Poster-Fail: Shame


I have written elsewhere about my general distaste for the concept of Shame. You can count me firmly on the side that there's no such thing as sex addiction, it's just a handy excuse for men who don't want to face responsibility for their actions.

But it's not the pure fantasy element that turns me off, it's the idea that an entire plot can be woven around "my sister thinks I'm having too much sex! I must have emo man-pain about this!"

Poor Michael Fassbender, he's so tormented by his superpower of having women throw themselves at him!

Anyway, this post wasn't meant to become a rant about the movie. It was meant to be an exercise in excoriating the poster below, the French poster for the film:


What's happening here? Is that a real body? If he's feeling shame, is it about his belly button hair? Or the impossible proportions of the torso shown?

Seriously, that must be a woman's torso, right? If so, why does SHE have belly button hair? Have the French lost all sense of Photoshop? I could go on.

But I won't.

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4 Responses to “ Poster-Fail: Shame ”

  1. Speaking for the Y-chromosome group, there are tons of women claiming sex addiction, too.  You can't fault men for it without faulting the women, too.

  2. fair point. i think it's fake either way. it just seems like pop culture is obsessed with the male version of it.

  3. Interesting ... I cannot wait for this film :) The photoshop in that poster can be a bit off putting but there are a couple of other posters in circulation out there that I feel are more evocative.

    As for the film itself. I am being somewhat shallow in my desire to see it - fan of Fassbender. I look forward to see what he and McQueen have put together. I say this after watching 'Hunger' a very visually arresting film.

  4. I looove Michael Fassbender, but there's just something very off-putting about the concept of this film. It's almost like he's playing an old-school Bond character, a character that's sort of accepted to be cliche and uninteresting today.


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