Hot Trailer: Tarsem Singh's "Mirror, Mirror"


The official trailer has leaked for Tarsem Singh's "Mirror, Mirror". This movie looks so amazing I can't even begin to express my glee. Not only is this the Tarsem Singh movie we've all been waiting for, it looks like Julia Roberts has rediscovered her inner "Best Friend's Wedding" evil!

But seriously, folks. I've been a very long-time fan of Tarsem Singh, despite the fact that most of his films are stunning visually and not so great plot-wise (I'd still heartily recommend The Fall to anyone though).

Seriously, look at these visuals:







I'm especially excited by how little time the trailer focuses on the ingenue herself, Snow White. I've long felt that the best way to bring something new to these classic tales is to give more attention to the evil characters (and by the looks of it, Julia Roberts will give us a doozy).

Watch the trailer now. Then watch it again and again:

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7 Responses to “ Hot Trailer: Tarsem Singh's "Mirror, Mirror" ”

  1. This looks so awesome! Really funny. I'm not a fan of Julia Roberts but she looks pretty great here as the Evil Queen. It does seem very different in tone to Snow White and the Huntsman, though it's interesting that both trailers have focused more on the Queen than Snow White.

  2. Okay, I'm certain I'm going to see this movie and probably enjoy it a lot, so take everything I'm about to say with a grain of salt. That said . . . 

    I'm WAY more excited to see the other Snow White movie, the one with the warrior K-Stew. This one looks so cheesy! And Julia Robert's horrible attempt at an accent is very distracting for me! Why is she British one second and Southern the next? It's like listening to Madonna during her Guy Ritchie phase but without the commitment. GROSS. 

  3. Vive la différence! I watched this trailer last night and found it uncomfortably cheesy. Why does Julia Robert's have a faux-British accent part of the time (namely the first half of the trailer), but then essentially her own voice for the rest? (Which I guess is what Julikinsbooks pretty much said. So: ditto.) Why is it all so campy (puppy love? Really?) and schlocky? Why are Lilly Collins eyebrows like two caterpillars taped to her face (and this is coming from a bushy-browed lady!)?There is not one part of this that made me think watching this film is something I would like to do.

    I agree with Julikinsbooks that I'm much more interested in seeing the KStew Snow White movie, though I am no KStew fan. Also, I think I would take a Chris Hemsworth over Armie Hammer if given the choice... And really, if I'm going to see a movie about a fairytale, I am shallow enough to admit that I'm in it for the eye candy.

  4. theoncominghope17 November 2011 02:50

    I kind of LOVE the terrible accent myself. To each their own obviously, but I'm wayyy more into Armie Hammer than Chris Hemsworth (Liam, on the other hand...)

  5. theoncominghope17 November 2011 02:51

    I think her accent is hilarious, but I see what you mean! The other one looks good, but I'm not excited about how they seem to be doing a dark, serious adaptation with open anachronism. This one seems to be taking its silly premise and running with it.

  6. theoncominghope17 November 2011 02:52

    I think it's because of all the Disney heroines, Snow White is the closest to a blank slate. Even thinking back to the original tales, she doesn't really do much, she just wanders around and falls victim to events until Prince Charming saves her.

  7. I like Julia Roberts. I saw almost all her movies. I'm certain I'm going to see this movie too.


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