The Good Wife in Review: "Death Row Trip"


This week, I had the extreme pleasure of watching The Good Wife in Vienna along with an equally obsessed friend (you should see our email conversations, seriously. They all descend into capslock madness). I had a grand ol' time tormenting him with my Kalinda impersonation. But as we're reminded in this episode, no one torments people better than Kalinda herself...


In my favorite side-plot, we see the return of Eli-Gold-Demon-Spawn, more commonly known as Marissa. Well, EGDS connives her way into hanging out with sweet Zach. Faced with the prospect of Gold-Florrick progeny, I immediately ran to the store to stock up on tin cans and bottled water, to better survive the coming apocalypse.

Seriously, Zach+EGDS=


Meanwhile, Fake Matt Dowd continues to earn my enmity by not only referring to our heroine as "Saint Alicia," but ignoring her when she's in the room. I should point out that Real Matt Dowd was one of my college professors, and is a fairly likeable guy, not a douchebag like this dude (though the physical resemblance is uncanny).

The scene between Will and Alicia reminds us that, yet again, this show is about romance between adults. As a result, they can address their problems the way adults do, with reasonable conversation, not teen angst. Though I confess, I was very worried that Alicia was going to go ahead and pull the plug.

In the A plot, we face the return of Moral Quandary Alicia! I thought we'd left her behind in season 1, and to be honest, I wasn't particularly keen on her return. That said, they're also ramping up funny Alicia, and after last week's pantomime of Elspeth Tascioni's mountain of paper, funny Alicia can stay. "A rumor is often a sign of...jealous...competitors...."



KALINDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! It's the magnificent return of Sexy Boots of Justice.

The chemistry between Dana and Kalinda can be summed up as:


Poor Cary is exactly one heartbreak away from turning into a Woody Allen character.

Apart from innuendo-ing it up with Cary and Dana, Kalinda continues her grand masterplan of winning Alicia back through Will. As always, they're charming and 100% hug-free. Though personally, I would have loved if he gave her a big bear hug only to have Diane walk in: "Dear God, Will! Are you sleeping with everybody? Is this why we don't dance in my office anymore?"


In other news, whoever does the sound design for this season deserves about a million awards. Lately, they've been using sound and music with creativity that rivals Tarantino.

When Chris Matthews turned up on screen, I had to resist myself from throwing tomatoes at the screen. Really...really...hate...that...guy.

Love that Jackie's attempt to be an evil mastermind was foiled by Steve Jobs. "WHY DOES ALICIA'S LAUNDRY CONSIST SOLELY OF NEGLIGEES? DOES SHE EVER WEAR NORMAL UNDERWEAR?!?" followed by "HOW DO COMPUTERS WORK?"

Play along in the comments.

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2 Responses to “ The Good Wife in Review: "Death Row Trip" ”

  1. Emmy 2012: Jackie Florrick for outstanding grandma in invasion of personal space.

  2. LOL! You need to come up with more fake awards :)


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