Awesome Thing of the Day: Indian Farmer Respond to Bribery Attempts with...Snakes


It had to be snakes...

In what is possibly the most bizarre yet awesome anti-bribery action ever, a snake charmer released dozens of poisonous snakes in his local tax office! Despite having prior authorization to purchase a plot of land, officials refused to let him use it until he paid them a bribe.

So how did the ertswhile Hakkul Khan respond?


This, according to the CNN account:

The workers jumped on their desks and some shook table cloths at the snakes who rose up with the strike position. It was "total chaos," said Ramsukh Sharma who was at the office in Harraiya, in Uttar Pradesh.

"Snakes started climbing up the tables and chairs. Hundreds of people gathered outside the room, some of them with sticks in their hands, shouting that the snakes should be killed," he said, according to the Australian newspaper.

Luckily for all of us, there's video!

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