The Good Wife In Review: "Parenting Made Easy"


Today, I'm going to string you all along until we get to the part we all want to talk about: Grace Florrick. Kidding!

In the storyline we all knew would happen, we get a face-off between Martha and Caitlin. Caitlin is no Mini Streep. The "cuteness" thing doesn't go too well for her in court (nor does it make her any more appealing to the audience). That said, Martha's no peach either. She validates L/G's hiring decision by behaving incredibly immaturely.

It's quite funny really. These young 'uns haven't had a chance to learn how to play dirty the way adults do, so they indulge in cheap playground tricks like giggling in the middle of testimony.

It seems oddly fitting that we have John Michael Higgins moderating this fight. I can't take him seriously as a lawyer for obvious reasons:


Oh look! There's Jennifer Carpenter! Ain't she pretty? Sadly, she's not a motherfucking professor of motherfucking English, but a Christian Reformist. C'mon Deb. Give me a swear word?


I admit, her beauty slightly dulls the fact that she's probably a very unlikeable person and incredibly difficult to defend from a moral standpoint.

But morality is irrelevant when Michael J. Fox is around! Alicia apparently has not learned not to dick him around, though it's absolutely hilarious when she scurries away from him down the stairs. It was the sporting thing to do.

He retaliates by...stealing from her handbag. After helping her out. I'm still not sure whether he was being genuinely helpful or just biding his time for an opportunity. That is the magic of Canning's mystery. Alicia, go work for him!


SMASH CUT to the adults. Diane lays down the law, Will mopes with Kalinda, and Peter realizes what a mistake he's made hiring Wendy Scott-Carr, dead-eyed psycho, looking for REVEEEEENGE!! There are hints that Wendy's more concerned with destroying Alicia than Peter, but I have no doubt that her scheming is vast and dangerous enough to encompass them both.

In my favorite subplot, Eli runs begging to Will. The HoYay is so blinding that I'm turning gay just watching it (the same can no longer be said for Kalinda/Dana, however. Hope that's the end of those "flirtations"). Eli is now officially allies with everyone on the show, which kind of makes him the King of the castle, though he probably doesn't realize it (how insufferable would he be if he knew?).


Grace, who exists only to give Julianna Margulies more clips for her Emmy reel, makes herself a bigger pain in the ass than usual by getting baptized by Internet Cheesus. And she didn't leave a note!


That's what this show needs: more dismemberment. Anyway...

I was not unmoved by Peter's swift moves into action. You can tell that Alicia's always been attracted to how powerful he is, even though she wasn't ready for the dark side of that.

The most exciting development here, however, is the return of Kalinda. I'm betting Alicia finds out next week, and their hostility finally begins to thaw.


A thousand Will/Alicia fans are sobbing into their tequilas this week. I'm sorry to see it end, but from a narrative perspective, it feels necessary. Again, they're adults, and they don't live in a fantasy world. Alicia recognizes this, and so does Will. Unfortunately, they arrive at opposite conclusions.

I have a feeling that Wendy Scott-Carr's investigation will burn the firm badly whether they're together or not, and if she is after Alicia, Will's in a better position to help her if they're not in a relationship.

That said, poor guy. He's in for a rough year.


Are The Kills the official soundtrack for Kalinda's sexy-times? That just makes me miss Lili Taylor and Kalinda's OTP: baseball bat.


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4 Responses to “ The Good Wife In Review: "Parenting Made Easy" ”

  1. I feel that Alicia and Will will still be together eventually, but you are right- their breakup was necessary in the storyline...and the scene was done beautifully :)

  2. Yeah, I'd like to think they're on pause, but the writers may not want to repeat storylines...

  3. CarlyKindaCantDance7 December 2011 at 08:50

    I don't even know about Alicia/Will. Will's been sort of rubbing me the wrong way this season (and letting Dianne think he was the one that ended it? Asshole move, really.)

    Also ugh, Louis Canning is literally my favorite character on the show; Alicia is definitely going to work with him, at least at some point- she can't not (or at least in my mind). But him helping and then taking from her bag? Priceless. 

    (and I totally agree with you about thee stairs bit. I died laughing.)

  4. I don't think it was an asshole move, so much as saving face. If he had told the truth, it wouldn't have helped his relationship with Diane at all, and now that's all he has left.


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