South Korean Prison Robot


It seems fitting that since I've added an unofficial "robot" beat to this blog, there's been tons of exciting robot news and a visit to the wonderful Robotville festival at the Science Museum.

Of course, as with the soft robot, many new robotic developments seem just as likely to bring us to the robopocalypse as to a better society. You can file these new prison guards with the former.

South Korea is beginning a month-long trial of new robot guards, 5 foot tall machines designed to appear friendly to inmates. They're not designed to engage with the prisoners, but will report observations back to a human guard on duty.

The advantages are obvious: they're immune to prisoner taunting, they won't exploit prisoners, and they'll be unbiased observers.

However, I'm guessing they aren't terribly immune from that most basic thing that all prisoners will have access to: water.

The prototypes were designed by The Asian Forum for Corrections, in concert with Kyonggi University. And they assure us that "the robots are not terminators".

Isn't he cute?


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7 Responses to “ South Korean Prison Robot ”

  1. he looks like the offspring of portal and the tellytubbies. (also -- LOL at the water thing, if it is indeed true.)

  2. Lol that's such a nerdy combination.

  3. how dare you call me a nerd!!!!!!!!!

  4. He is super cute. They should market them to families. The cuteness of the robot beats a stuffed bear nanny cam any day.

  5. I sort of desperately want one!

  6. Me too! So  cute.

    I would put it in my lab and make all the practicum students do what they are supposed to.

  7. Ha! You're already envisioning ways to use cute robots for evil. I like it


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