The Good Wife in Review: "Another Ham Sandwich"


Apologies for my absence, folks! Owing to some exciting life developments (The Oncoming Hope Forges An Atlantic Crossing!), I've neglected my Wife-ly duties (and missed the chance to comment on two corkers of an episodes). I hope to make it up to you with not Good Wife post this week, but two, or possibly even three!

For now, let's look at the lay of the land following the conclusion of this episode.

The problem is, dropping Will's indictment doesn't defray the other bomb that could have gone off, and may have put a couple more in motion. Dana still possesses Alicia's forged document, and recorded testimony ties Peter to these accusations of judicial misconduct.

So while it appears that Wendy's crawling out with her tail between her legs, it also seems a little like she's still set events in motion to achieve her central goal: the destruction of the Florrick family (not to mention Will, but reporting him to the bar seems more like an act of pettiness than anything else).

The other problem is, Our Heroes won the case by entirely discrediting our resident Dead Eyed Psycho. They didn't manage to prove Will's innocence, so an investigation by the bar might yet ruin him.


Whenever Alicia and Peter stand in the same room, there's a massive inflow of oxygen, ready to stoke the fires of everything that lies simmering under the surface. So much hatred, and also so much love, a love that pollutes and infects and prevents them from ever having a meaningful conversation about anything.

So when they finally face-off, when Peter shows his hand (even though Alicia doesn't), we experience the emotional equivalent of standing in the epicenter of a bomb blast. Their conversation may have revealed more about where the two of them stand emotionally than anything else in the show, ever. They both feel deeply wounded by each other, and they both keep pouring salt into those wounds, and take no pleasure in doing so, but just can't help themselves.

Every new denial of her relationship with Will hits Peter like a bullet. So if we can assume that Peter now knows the truth, how will their relationship change? I can't even pretend to anticipate, but I hope that the writers send someone to kidnap Chris Noth from Broadway and force him into a bigger role on the show.


(also known as the section where I get to drop any pretense of analytical detachment)


Kalinda: "My lips are sealed, but my eyes say I have a baseball bat with your name on it." Seriously guys, but I hope Dana gets her comeuppance in a big way. Then again, lack of foresight may be torment enough for someone in the legal profession.

Quote of the episode goes to Eli:

"You know the only problem with Sun Tzu: he never fought the Jews...we don't mess around with mind games, we useknives."

And guys? How hot is Alicia here:


(gifs courtesy of

What did you guys think of the ep? Play along in the comments, yo.

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7 Responses to “ The Good Wife in Review: "Another Ham Sandwich" ”

  1. Possibly my favourite thing was finally getting to see just how clever Elsbeth (I think that is red haired lawyer's name?) really is. She sees through everything, apart from things she knows she shouldn't see through in case of lawsuits.

  2. She really is the fiery redhead of all of our dreams. I can't write coherently about her, except just to say how awesome she is. She's always five steps ahead of everyone (well, everyone except Will and Kalinda).

  3. I'm left to imagine a world where Elsbeth and Kalinda join forces on a more regular basis - together they would be literally unstoppable.  Just think: Elsbeth's brilliant quirkiness with Kalinda's shrewd ability to sleuth anything.  It would be epic.

    Meanwhile, I loved your discussion of Alicia and Peter unable to stop themselves from pouring salt in each other's wounds.  It's painful to watch and yet it's so true of the human emotions involving betrayal and disloyalty.   

  4. It's interesting that both Scott-Carr and Dana (both black females) have been labeled as the main villains in the investigation against Will.  Yet, this whole mess began with Peter.  And I noticed that many fans are NOT gloating over his failure to convict Peter . . . or pointing out the fact that he used his position to get Will, due to his jealousy over the latter's relationship with Alicia.  Why is that?

  5. If they can't bring Donna back, Elsbeth should and probably will be be Kal 's next teammate.What does OTP mean ?

  6. wow your florrick v florick analysis was simply perfect. Concisely written and so accurate. I basically couldnt agree more. Alicia's deeply hurt and Peter's still in love with her. I think she is too (hopefully its not wishful thinking on my part). I think Peter was right to finally call the relationship out and took guts in doing so

  7. Sorry I missed this (2 years ago!!!) OTP means One True Pairing.


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