Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, or, Awwwwwww Blogging Nostalgia


When I was 10 years younger, a wee lass armed with little more than a deadjournal account and a whole lot of indignation, my first ever blog post was, in fact, about the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. Now, as then, I'm stunned by the majesty of these creations, the perfect marriage of nature's providence and human achievement.

The child in me is more than a little pleased at seeing a Mario 64 level come to life:


Made even more stunning with fireworks and embedded lighting:


A view from the top of one of the ice sculptures:


Please, please, check out the rest of the photos, then come  back and share our favorites.

(all photos credited and h/t to Boston.com, which you should click to, b/c holy amazeballs, batman!)

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3 Responses to “ Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, or, Awwwwwww Blogging Nostalgia ”

  1. This is incredible and also happens to be the level of Mario Kart that I suck at most (other than Rainbow Road) so I would expect to fall on my arse many times if I was there, even without the flying shells. Though it would also be awesome. I

  2. Lol. I'm pretty sure this is everyone's worst MK nightmare. (I'm a master at Rainbow Road, but I know a little secret...)

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