Music I've Never Heard Of

Good morning, folks! We at The Oncoming Hope are more than pleased to introduce Roopsie, colloquially referred to as R-Vas, destroyer of worlds, celebrator of music. We're glad to have her aboard to comment on music and other pretty ear-things.

Check it out! Best Album List of 2011:

I'm excited it's given me so many new bands to explore; the Village Voice had a "Best Albums of 2011" list, but since it included "Ceremonials" at #60, it immediately lost credibility.

So far I've listened to tUnE-yArDs' "Bizness":

Are you channeling "Ke- dollar sign-ha" here?!

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2 Responses to “ Music I've Never Heard Of ”

  1. Of that list, I'm very familiar with and enjoy Bon Iver, I've heard good things about Wild Flag at other places, and am unfamiliar with the rest.  But they missed the best album of 2011, 'The Harrow and the Harvest' by Gillian Welch. 

  2. I just got into the Harrow and the Harvest, and you're right, it's AWESOME. But I still believe St. Vincent was the best album of the year.


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