Tablet Killer: Your Kitchen Counter?


Displax Interactive Systems has begun to sell the magical product that will transform our lives into Minority Report (but where's my flying car?). Their new "thin film" technology allows you to place a thin touch-sensitive film over any surface, including glass, plastic or wood. Check it, yo:


The tech's already shipping abroad, so it's only a matter of time before it arrives stateside.

Apparently, it detects up to 16 fingers on a 50 inch screen. I await the day when only concert pianists will be able to operate future-tech!

Check out more about the product on the Displax site (seriously, the woman on the linked page looks a little like she's discovered God in her kitchen window...).

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2 Responses to “ Tablet Killer: Your Kitchen Counter? ”

  1.  Wow, that looks unbelievable... but how much does it cost?  I think I'll stick with my granite countertop for now.  Gotta wait til the new technology gets cheaper haha

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