Hot Trailer: On the Road


Well, folks, they've made On the Road into a movie, and it looks pretty fabulous (what an insane cast! All the young 'uns and Viggo Mortenson too! And Amy Adams, and Kirsten Dunst, apart from the pretty folks in the picture above).

The whole thing could turn out to be a disaster, but I'm hopeful since it's got the same creative team as The Motorcycle Diaries, director Walter Salles and screenwriter Jose Rivera.

Check it out for yourself (treat yo' self!):

On the road - Official trailer - (HD 1080p) by MK2diffusion

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2 Responses to “ Hot Trailer: On the Road ”

  1. Fictionisnttrue10 March 2012 at 14:24

    nothing is sacred. :(

  2. Goshdarnit another one of those films I cannot watch because if I do so before reading the book it will spoil the book.


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