The Good Wife In Review: "The Penalty Box"


Today we tell the story of a man whose self-regard is torn to shreds. You may wonder which man I refer to: the same could refer to Cary Agos, Peter Florrick, Will Gardner or even the protagonist of this episode, one Judge Cuesta.

Everything's connected; you may recall that Cuesta's the one who gave Alicia her first break, way back in the pilot. He gave her leniency because he respects Peter. If we remember that, we already know that his high opinion of himself is...scarcely deserved.

In a season that's been all about retribution for past mistakes, it's unsurprising that even the robed gods fall into the fray. And they're implicated by exactly the same biases and relationships that affect our protagonists. Some say that the season's been all over the place, but I feel like there's been one uniting theme: those who take shortcuts find their victories short-lived.

  • Alicia embarks on a relationship with Will even though her personal life isn't in a place to support it.
  • Cary assumes the road to success is quick, honest and free of tough decisions.
  • Will and Kalinda, cross-gender doppelgangers, are finding their lives dogged by past sins. There's been a suggestion that Will's are well behind him, but in walks Lemond Bishop, reminding us that certain things never change. And as for Kalinda? Read on, Macduff.

Only Diane rises above the fray. It's impossible not to punch the air when she tells Cuesta off, then Howard, then Will. "Little children, why do you torment me?"


In Which Kalinda Meets Herself

Oh Kalinda. This is such a Kalinda episode. I've read a few other reviews, but there's only so many times I can read the word "fingerbang" without beginning to giggle, so I'll focus on the other girl-girl action in the episode: Kalinda meeting her future.

Kalinda shows a rare moment of sincerity with Lana (or does she?) as she comes face to face with her mortality. But that's nothing compared to what comes next. A wine merchant who still relies on her own sexy boots of justice plays the ghost of Kalinda's future, warning her against something that's not exactly clear.

I expect the finale to throw some light on our Indian lady of mystery. Who may or not want men on her deserted island.

And a private squee for the most important moment in any tv show this year:


And thusly we find ourselves with only one episode left. Stop crying, Judy!

Screen shot 2012 04 24 at 10 01 39 PM

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  1. That photo of Alicia looking down at that barstool is pure heaven. As is that photo of Judy. Brilliant stuff.


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