The Good Wife In Review: Season Finale


Two weeks late (and not a penny short), we return to recap our favorite show (to say that I'm in withdrawal is more than an understatement, especially after this doozy of an episode).

But it's ok, because I get to remind you of the most epic Alicia/Kalinda HoYay non-subtext in the history of the show.


"Flexible," Kalinda says, as Alicia restrains herself from jumping out of her chair with joy (I will take this opportunity to gloat at Hello, Tailor, who once accused me (mid season 2) of tinhatting in my firm belief that the secret story of this show is the relationship between Alicia and Kalinda). Parentheticals ahoy!

That's the last moment of happiness for our dearest Sexy Boots of Justice, as Alicia accidentally rips down the walls of her life with a single phone call. It's interesting that when Kalinda did the same to her last season, Alicia basically became this supermagnetic force, pushing away everything in opposition to her with almost lightning speed. Kalinda, on the other hand, attempts to reset to status quo by removing herself from the equation.

I've commented before that this show operates with an acute awareness of the laws of physics: energy cannot be created or destroyed; ions can't be shifted without having to rearrange everything surrounding it. By these laws, Kalinda can't just leave, not without creating a great imbalance in the show. Similarly, Cary couldn't come back until Will was pushed out.

But by the end of the episode, this fine dance of molecules doesn't matter anyway, as the entire Lockhart Gardner universe is faced with entropy. In the fine words of new-favorite-character Howard, "never, ever trust a man with a limp."

And in entropy, our only weapon is our freedom of choice. To quote a dearly beloved vampire, "when nothing we do matters, all that matters is what we do." So when the chips are down, and Kalinda's at the end of her rope, she becomes decisive. And thusly we're left with my latest, greatest emo band name: Shotguns for Alicia.


(credit for this marvelous gif goes to


-A very embarrassed part of me really hopes that Alicia/Peter work it out. Or work something out. Or just hook up for an night of angry passion based on their shared conquest of Jackie.

-Also, this episode has one of the most perfect comic awkwardness scenes in history:


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7 Responses to “ The Good Wife In Review: Season Finale ”

  1. This is an excellent write-up. So many great things. Remember four episodes back when I said I just Kalinda gets a great submission episode in the last four? Hot damn they delivered like crazy. And that comic scene!

    (I sort of want Peter and Alicia to work it out, but I feel like that'll make me sound like a misogynist, so I tend to stay silent on that angle.)

  2. this review really, really makes me want to pick this show back up again, I'VE BEEN PUTTING IT OFF FAR TOO LONG.

  3. theoncominghope13 May 2012 at 14:37

    DO IT DO IT! We can even campfire it :)

  4. theoncominghope13 May 2012 at 14:38

    You DID say! Great call :)

    I don't think it's misogynist, persay, but it would be perceived as a weakness on Alicia's part (though I think it says something different now that being separated from Peter has made her life more difficult in a lot of ways that weren't expected).

  5. I don't know if  Peter said to Alicia ,  that he told them in his deposition, he is separated. of course it will be more difficult for Alicia.
    I think Alicia is became stronger and  stronger  ,has  evolved  , she does not need Peter in her life. even they showed us ,he  became a good men ,I am not sure.. 
    Alicia must continue her brilliant carreer, choise ,what it good for her .
     and I'll hope ,she will be associate at he firm.

    Without Peter, She is the queen.

  6. You're not tinhatting at all--the Kalicia thing has gone well beyond subtext for quite awhile, and I've been convinced since the end of season 1 that the underlying narrative beneath it all is an Alicia/Kalinda romance.  It may well remain a platonic romance, but I have a feeling (after that bar scene) that it's actually going somewhere.

  7. Great recap! Alicia and Peter...I'm definitely NOT feeling that. I still think he is selfish, vindictive and controlling. I think she is happier with Will, they make each other better!

    Kalinda showed a lot of courage. Waiting at the door locked and loaded ready for whoever it is on the other side! :)


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