REVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGE! finale, or, Introducing Demented Creativity to Batshit Cray-Cray


In which Batmanda watches the whole world around her fall to pieces, yet again. For the third time in a decade, our precious Emily Thorne watches as everything she holds to be true proves itself false - the truth that her father's a horrible criminal, the truth that his death was simple, the truth that she's capable of avenging him. The truth that there's any kind of happiness at the end of this long and fantastical rainbow of revenge.

Each time, there's one person to help her find her way forward. A fairy godtrepreneur, if you will. And so she lurches from cause to cause, this time ready to admit the truth and settle with the one she loves, but forced onward nonetheless. Nolan professes to save her from herself, but ultimately, he gives her what she needs to keep her hatred burning, to maintain her tendency toward chaos.


Without desire, there can only be chaos. This is why you can rarely find sense in the motivations of the Daleks, who don't want anything but to destroy the universe. Without Jack as her grounding principle, Batmanda would be nothing more than a Dalek, seeking destruction without end. Jack may not represent more than her ultimate desire, but without that positive want, Emily would have found chaos much sooner.

With Nolan and Jack, she forms a perfect trinity. The two men balance out her light and her dark; one could never suffice. Nolan gives her everything she needs to keep going, and Jack's existence restrains her worst impulses. Her father used to play both roles, and it makes sense that the chasm he's left in her life is so wide that it takes more than one to fill it.

This episode put a great capper on a fantastic season. While I loved the show from the start, I wasn't sure it had legs. Well done, writers. And if next season goes pear-shaped, we'll always have this year of perfection.


-I am continually haunted by Victoria's engagement present of psychopathic loathing. The chutzpah's so off the charts that even Emily can't help but smile. This is why our Evil Queen can't be dead. No one else can ever replace her. Certainly not Charlotte. Who I hope stays dead.

-I've really enjoyed what the writers have done with Daniel this season. He tries and tries to be a good person, but at the end of the day, no one allows him to. I thought the only way to end his story was with death, but making him a villain works too.

-Finally, whoever gets to write the dialogue for Conrad and Victoria has the BEST FUCKING JOB EVER.

And just because it exists:


Finally, go check out Hello, Tailor's review of the costumes:

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2 Responses to “ REVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGE! finale, or, Introducing Demented Creativity to Batshit Cray-Cray ”

  1. The title of this post is glorious and hilarious lol. And that picture is very attractive, though I don't know if it's legit. Also LOL I TOTES agree about Charlotte-- "who I hope stays dead." And Victoria's engagement present, holy crap.

    This post is just perfect.

  2. And The MIracle of Morgan's of the funniest movies ever. And seeing my two favorite stars Boston Legal Seasons 1-5 DVD Carole Lombard and Cary Grant top your list of most watched actress and actor brought a smile to my face.


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