The Good Wife Season 2: "Two Girls, One Code"


It's a long time since Alicia ran out of the office with an expression screaming "DANGER WILL ROBINSON! NAUSEA! NAUSEA!". I admit, I kinda miss it. Julianna Margulies is at her best when Alicia's falling apart.

Last night, we saw Alicia drift on, borne ceaselessly into the past. Barely even touched by friction, she raced to a moment that's been building up for the past ten episodes or so: a temporary (and totally inevitable) reunion with Peter.

A variety of external forces attempted to fight against this - an intrepid reporter, an overzealous (and touched in the head) intern, and Alicia's own shenanigans. But none could stand in the way of the boulder rolling down the hill. You can fight gravity, but you'll always lose.

I'm not sure that Peter will be Alicia's last stop, but I'm happy for the show to explore this for a time. After all, when Alicia blips that she no longer cares what Peter does, Margulies' performance seems all too convincing. When she kisses Peter, one can easily believe it's driven by basic relief that she won't face a second round of public embarrassment.

The Case of the Week

You know those moments where you literally watch someone shrink before your eyes? A veil of worship lifts and the person you're looking out becomes small, perhaps even grotesque.

Well, this week's case was all about people trying to eye-shrink each other. Watching Will duke it out with gross Gross couldn't possibly have been more satisfying. The judge tore Viola and Ross to shreds, Ross tried (and failed) to tear Will to shreds, and somehow, even though the firm technically lost, we're left certain that they won. It's because Gross's "win" is so petty and, well, gross. Talk about a sore loser.

So of course our heroes laugh it off, and even Nathan Lane is forced to smile.

Kalinda and Horror-show: Let's just say, I have high hopes for Lemond Bishop's murderous instincts.

Play along in the comments! Thoughts on the ep?

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3 Responses to “ The Good Wife Season 2: "Two Girls, One Code" ”

  1. I'm glad that Alicia is giving Peter and her a new chance :)

  2. I hope Nick dies a painful, violent death. So yeah, Lemond Bishop sounds just about right.

    Cary's been relegated to being more or less an extra with about 2 lines per episode now, which is quite sad. I'd rather have more Kalinda-Cary than Kalinda-Nick. Actually Kalinda-anyone else would be great.

  3. I thought it was a very clever thing they did with the judge, basically in this show we know the judge always has a quirk and it is usually something silly to be manipulated, I thought it was really nice that little bait and switch where you think 'oh, his quirk is that he's deaf a bit' but actually his quirk is he is the only judge on the circuit who knows search engine theory...

    Also that was some amazing tension when Eli says 'it wasn't about you' and then us viewers not distracted by waves of relief (as Alicia presumably is, for all kinds of reasons) are all 'OH CRAP' a second before Alicia. Btw Eli is really great this season, I like how he has been taken off comic relief duty. He gets less standout moments but I like how he's there.

    And to continue to focus on the male characters like a sexist (when/if you write about the next episode my comment will be just a huge all caps post about how amazing Diane is so I hope that will cancel it out) I second the comment that Cary should be given more screen time!


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