Recession-Busting Recipes: Zucchini Pizza (Too Terrific to Be So Simple!)


Recession-Busting Tip #2: Eat Seasonally

This is the double-whammy of tips: seasonal vegetables are considerably cheaper AND they taste better. It's not like you need to memorize a chart, either. If you go to any market, the cheaper stuff is what's in season. You know, the stuff you can get in quantities so large you feel like you'll never finish them (but don't worry, if you choose right, they'll be so tasty you'll never let them go to waste).

I've never come home with a fridge full of randomly ridiculous things like broccoli sprouts, no sirree...

But I digress. When vegetables are in season, they are at the height of their flavor power. So as we're in the midst of what English people refer to as summer (and I have yet to see supporting evidence for their statement), we've got an overload of zucchini (courgettes) and tomatoes.

Grilled Zucchini Pizza

Basically you take a couple of zucchinis, slice them into thick coins like and brush both sides with a little olive oil, like so:


Stick it in your broiler for 8-10 minutes just like that, however long it takes for the top to brown a little.

Now here's the fun part. Throw a tablespoon of your favorite tomato sauce on each slice. Canned stuff is fine if you want, but I recommend the perfect tomato sauce. Then add whatever you want, with a little cheese on top. I had a jar of roasted peppers handy, so I used those, but just use whatever you want. Seriously. Have fun. Have a party and let people put their own toppings (FYI, I used one large zucchini to get the quantity shown above, which easily fed two people).

And end with this:


Yum. Low-carb pizza.


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2 Responses to “ Recession-Busting Recipes: Zucchini Pizza (Too Terrific to Be So Simple!) ”

  1. That looks awesome and EASY...The Zucchinis I get are tiny compared to those, did the olive oil excite them ?? lol

  2. Lol that would be a magical zucchini indeed!

    No this zucchini was massive, but I've since remade the recipe with normal size zucchini (keep a close watch, as they grill a LOT quicker. I accidentally ended up with zucchini chips...)


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